BRUNS Plants for Garden Centres

Fair plants are your triumph

Prompt delivery, best plant material and fair prices are some of the key factors for the success of your garden centre. You are definitely on the safe side with our Basic Range and the trees and shrubs in the Premium Products range. Sustainability and social responsibility are important aspects for us in both the sectors cultivation and trade. This is guaranteed by the MPS-A label and the Fair Flowers Fair Plants certificates.

Basic Range

Our Basic Range offers all the plants that you need to stock your garden centre. Small trees and shrubs, roses, herbaceous perennials, grasses and ferns are all subjected to strict quality controls before dispatch, are carefully packed and promptly delivered. Browse through our plant information, choose what you need and ask for a quote.

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Premium Range

Our Premium Range includes high-quality special trees and shrubs that could launch your individual and exceptional marketing concepts. Offer your customers plants from the Gristeder Neuheiten®, INKARHO® and noble & STRONG collections that clearly stand out among other standard product ranges.

Your customers will be impressed with the quality.

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