• Room for living

Oak trees line our streets, lime trees adorn our residential areas and beech trees grace commercial buildings – gardens, parks, paths or sports grounds: Wherever our environment is shaped by plants, we perceive it as attractive, refreshing and liveable. 

  • Sound knowledge

Landscape architects, garden designers, our colleagues in gardening and landscaping, including clients throughout Europe with the most diverse range of projects value our expertise when it comes to handling plants, shrubs ground covers and bushes, knowledge about their needs and range of use.

  • Making a plan reality

Our plants lend form to your conceptual ideas. We support you with our passion for greenery and knowledge so that your innovative designs become reality with our premium plants. Join us on a tour of the world of contemporary landscape design.

Porperty greening

Private gardens

Gardens and Parks

Streets and Avenues

Garden Shows and Exhibitions

Sports Facilities