Here you can find information about job opportunities with Bruns

If you want to give your professional development a future, you have to set the right course for this early on. Bruns offers interesting medium-term prospects including with managerial responsibility at various levels, in sales, in the productive technical and in the commercial sector.

  • We are open to receiving your application at any time

We gladly welcome unsolicited applications from all occupational groups and levels of qualifications from the horticulture industry for our pool of applicants. Simply send us your application with the relevant documents and point out in your covering letter the areas in which you see your personal and professional strengths and talent.

  • About Us

Bruns plants is one of the leading nurseries in Europe with more than 300 employees and produces as well as distributes plants on over 500 ha of space. We are a family-owned company in existence since 1876 with contacts and trade relations around the globe. We cultivate a comprehensive, versatile range of outdoor and container plants. The Bruns nursery combines groundedness and tradition with the latest technology and logistics. We operate according to sustainable and future-oriented practices, as we are aware of our responsibility to people and the environment.

  • Training/Internships

We even offer trainee programmes: in horticulture as a gardener with a specialisation in tree nurseries or in administration as management assistant in wholesale and international trade with a specialisation in tree nurseries. Our nursery is one of the TAG companies and thus ranks among the top training companies in the horticultural industry. This means, we guarantee compliance with certain criteria during the training period which go beyond the standard. Germany's 'dual system' of vocational education and training (B.Sc. in horticulture) is also possible. We also offer internships for students in the horticultural field.

  • Requirements
  1. School leaving certificate/GCSE
  2. Interest in nature and technology
  3. Ability to work in a team and a desire to learn
  4. License (scooter or car) preferable but not required
  • Training programme
  1. Duration: 3 years, or shortened to 2 years with A levels
  2. Dual education and training in the company and at the vocational school
  3. Trainees go through our branch operations and logistics centre periodically.
  4. In-house instruction and special exam preparation
  5. Excursions and joint events
  • Content of education and training
  1. Expert knowledge in plants (identifying species, plant protection, pruning, shaping, propagating, grafting, uprooting ...)
  2. Expert knowledge in soils and fertilization
  3. Machinery and technology (tractors, tree spades, potting machines, special machines ...)
  4. Irrigation and greenhouse technology
  5. Selection and loading
  • What’s more
  1. Quality work clothes and tools
  2. Membership in Junggärtner
  3. Forklift licence
  4. Library for trainees
  5. We offer a merit and performance-based bonus in addition to trainee wages
  • Perspectives

The apprentice training programme for nursery gardener is versatile and combines expertise in greenery with the latest technology. Qualified tree nursery staff are in demand and have the best prospects for finding a job with a future and a solid basis for further qualification:

  1. good chances of being taken on under a permanent employment relationship with Bruns plants
  2. Specialisation and training towards master or technician
  3. Education – Bachelors/Masters in horticulture, landscape architecture or forestry

  • Requirements
  1. GCSE or A levels
  2. Good knowledge of German and English
  3. Driving license
  4. Ability to work in a team, professional demeanour
  5. Preferably previous training in horticulture
  • Training programme
  1. Duration: 3 years, or shortened to 2 years with A levels or second training
  2. Dual education and training in the company and at the vocational school
  3. In-house courses
  4. Attendance at trade fairs
  • What’s more
  1. Training seminars
  2. Special exam preparation
  3. Possibility of doing internship abroad in England
  • Perspectives
  1. Possible further employment in our company
  2. Studies in industrial management

  • Requirements
  1. Very good A levels
  2. Strong interest in nurseries and horticulture
  3. Willingness to learn, dedication
  4. Willingness to switch between place of training and studies
  • Procedure
  1. for starters, one year of practical training in the company
  2. after the intermediate exam, commencement with studies at the University of Applied Science Weihenstephan-Triesdorf
  3. More practical phases in the company during the holidays
  4. Vocational examination after four years, degree after a total of 5.5 years
  • Perspectives
  1. Graduates with extensive practical training are highly sought after in many companies.

  • Accommodation

Haus am Timp
Has just been completed and is the new home to our trainees and interns from Germany and abroad. All rooms are equipped with their own bathroom and toilet.

  • Apply now

We are gladly accepting applications for a training place in gardening with an emphasis on nurseries and in wholesale and foreign trade with an emphasis on nurseries starting 1st of August every year.

  • Please send your application by post or online to:

Bruns Pflanzen Export GmbH & Co. KG
Johann-Bruns-Allee 1
26160 Bad Zwischenahn

Your contact persons:
Hans-Joachim Laabs
+49 (0) 4403-601-228

Elke Kruse-Osterthun
+49 (0) 4403-601-227  

Instructor: Christina Kühnel

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