Lower Saxony State Prize awarded to Jan-Dieter Bruns

Jan-Dieter Bruns and Prime Minister Stephan Weil on the occasion of the presentation of the Lower Saxony State Prize 2018

Prime Minister Stephan Weil with Stefan Aust and Jan-Dieter Bruns

Prime Minister Stephan Weil, Jan-Dieter together with his wife Maria Bruns and Stefan Aust

from left to right: Prime Minister Stephan Weil, Maria Bruns, Jan-Dieter Bruns, Ronald Clark, Director of the Herrenhäuser Gardens

Award of the Lower Saxony State Prize to Jan-Dieter Bruns by the Prime Minister of Lower Saxony Stephan Weil

Jan-Dieter and Maria Bruns with family

The old and new management of Bruns Nuseries. From left to right: Bernhard Schmidt, Mathias Beneke, Jürgen Arntjen, Christoph Kluska, Jan-Dieter Bruns, Arne Wiechmann, Walter Schwengels and Jan-Gerd Bruns.

The Prime Minister of Lower Saxony, Stephan Weil, awarded the State Prize to tree nursery entrepreneur Jan-Dieter Bruns.

The Lower Saxony State Prize for 2018 goes to the family entrepreneur Jan-Dieter Bruns and to the journalist and author Stefan Aust.

The ceremonial handover took place on the evening of 01 November 2018 in the Herrenhausen gallery building in Hanover.

Around 300 invited guests were present at the ceremony. The laudation for Jan-Dieter Bruns was held by Ronald Clark, Director of the Herrenhäuser Gardens, and the laudation for Stefan Aust by Dr. h.c., former Federal Minister of the Interior, Otto Schily.

The jury wrote about Jan-Dieter Bruns:

"In an ideal way, he embodies the "green" family entrepreneur of the agrarian state of Lower Saxony. Under his aegis, the traditional tree nursery has developed into a major international player. Jan-Dieter Bruns is not only a breeder and designer of sophisticated horticultural projects all over the world, but also a committed networker and promoter of art and culture in the Ammerland."

Chairman of the jury is Friedrich v. Lenthe, Chairman of the Board of the VGH Foundation.

Since 1978, the Lower Saxony State Prize has been awarded to personalities who have rendered outstanding services to the state through their exceptional work in the fields of culture, women, social affairs, science, the environment or business.