Plant of the month September 2016

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Leonardo da Vinci® shrub rose

The ‘Leonardo da Vinci’® shrub rose is a variety developed by the French rose grower Meilland from the parent varieties ‘Summer Wind’ x (‘Milrose’ x ‘Rosamunde’) in 1993 and was introduced on the market in 1994.

The variety was named after the Italian polymath and Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci (1452–1519). The name is synonymous with the Florentine era and is part of the grower’s Romantica Roses series. The charming, cyclamen pink coloured flowers grow into the perfect shape of a quartered rosette.

The cup-shaped flowers are true beauties and grow in clusters of 5–15. They have a full petal count and are reminiscent of an English Rose. The blooming period is unusually long and extends well into the autumn. The flower’s colour is very stable.

This rose has a bushy growth. This variety is excellent in a flower bed where it visually harmonises well with shrubs such as lavender, woodland sage or dwarf shrubs in shades of pink, blue or purple. It is also a special highlight when it cultivated in its original form when designing a home garden or cemetery, for example. When planted in decorative pots, they also make a lovely addition to any balcony or terrace. The variety gets lots of admiring looks even when planted in areas together or as a small hedge. The flowering stems are also suitable as arrangements in vases.

The dark, shiny leaves are contrast to the flower and are very robust, featuring good resistance to leaf diseases. When it rains, rainwater accumulates in the cupped shaped flowers and creates elegant, mood-setting impressions.

This variety blooms almost throughout the year, yet it fragrance is almost completely absent. ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ ® also thrives in partial shade, can withstand heat and is hardy. ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ ® is impressive thanks to its exceptional vitality. A robust rose that is easy to cultivate even for beginners without much experience and also offers a true blooming experience.

In 2003, Meilland also introduced the ‘Red Leonardo da Vinci’ ® on the market. This variety has the same properties as ‘Leonardo da Vinci’ ® and is truly lovely thanks to flowers in a red currant colour and a pleasant fragrance. The ‘Red Leonardo da Vinci‘® syn. (Hilde Umdasch) received the ADR Rose award in 2005.