We at Bruns Nursery not only produce trees, but also want to make our knowledge of plant production available to businesses and institutions in arid regions.

The production of robust and high-quality plants is becoming increasingly important in times of climate change and is taking on a global dimension. Greening with climate-resistant plants ensures lower temperatures in cities and counteracts desertification in landscapes.

In this context, the operation of private and public tree nurseries is an important component in tackling these problems. In many areas, efficient nurseries are not present and imported plants are expensive and often not adapted to regional requirements.

At Bruns, we can look back on 140 years of experience in the production of nursery plants. During this period, Bruns Nursery has developed from very small beginnings into a large company in the industry. In all these years, the assortment of plants as well as the technical possibilities of the nursery business have been continuously improved and expanded.

On this basis of tradition and know-how we have reached a European top position in nursery plant production. We are happy to pass on this achieved standard to interested parties. We have already carried out various projects in consulting and accompanied them with our qualified personnel.

What we do

Consultation process

We can provide assistance with the following steps:

Planning and tendering of a new nursery


Site management for the construction of the nursery


Operation of the nursery

This can be temporary or permanent plant production, whether for urban greenery or also for afforestation.

We can also evaluate existing nurseries and identify optimisation steps.

Benefit from our expertise

Why should you work with us?

We want to enable local companies in developing countries to build up a nursery that is optimally adapted to their needs. It is about:

Crop production

Inevitably, the production of trees for urban areas is more challenging than plants for the landscape. Trees need more space and more care.

Creating optimal growing conditions

Only optimal conditions create the best growth results. Many factors such as substrates, fertilisation, irrigation etc. in optimal interaction create good plant qualities.

Optimal use of machines and vehicles

One of our increasingly sought-after focal points is the production of large quantities with minimal labour input, which cannot be achieved with pure handwork.

Environmentally friendly

In times of climate change, water-saving irrigation and systematic crop protection are essential.

Training of local staff

Through training, the local staff have a job and can earn a living.

Fast and efficient

The production of plants is also about the goal of producing good, healthy plants in a short time, i.e. with little effort (costs).

If you also need support in the realisation of your projects, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have the necessary know-how to advise you at our office in Bad Zwischenahn, or on-site at the project.

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