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The standard book of the green industry, the Bruns product range catalogue always up to date in an app!

What the BRUNSonline app has to offer:

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Bruns article master as download

You can also process our article master directly in your computer. For this purpose, we have made the data available to you in different formats.

After downloading the file, you need to unzip the ZIP archive, if this is not done automatically.

Artikelstamm (ZIP) 2022/2023 (Stand 09/2022) (3 MB)

Artikelstamm 2022/2023 Excel (XLSX) (Stand 09/2022) (8 MB)

Datanorm 2022/2023 (Stand 09/2022) (3 MB)

Artikelstamm (CSV) 2022/2023 (CSV) (Stand 09/2022) (3 MB)