Container plants

Container plants

Seasonal, Decorative and Mobile

On more than 30 ha of container area you will find a wide and seasonally up-to-date range of high-quality container plants for trough planting or summer planting.


The SpringRing® is a patented cultivation method by the Ronneby tree nursery in Australia. It entails cultivating the shrubs in a black plastic ring with a strong textured surface. The roots are directed into outwardly pointed open ended cusps, thus preventing further growth and air pruning the tip of the root The plant’s response to air pruning is to send out more roots, leading to the build-up of a dense, fibrous, outwardly pointing root system whilst preventing spiralling. This means the plant is able to establish quickly and safely during once transplanted. Bruns offers a diverse range of woody plants in SpringRing® as well as in XXL sizes.

Masterpiece Collection by Johann Bruns®

The Masterpiece Collection by Johann Bruns® comprises a hand-picked selection of mostly evergreen deciduous plants and conifers which are cultivated in special larch planters. Each of our hand-sculpted masterpieces is truly unique: a special solution for places where a luxurious setting needs to be created instantly and with the greatest possible mobility. The range can be expanded at any time to suit individual needs.

Trees and shrubs kept in containers

These plants offer the destinct advantage of mobility. They can be transported and planted any time of the year. We produce an attractive range each year that features a wide selection. From the delicate Japanese maples to pines, yews and deciduous trees in XXL size.

Container topiary

Whether you are looking for an expressive single plant as a highlight for the terrace, flank a path with evenly grown boxwood balls or want to screen a garden area with a box-shaped hedge – Bruns has the right plant solution. Visit our container areas and get an idea.

Standard trees in containers

Whether maple, oak, lime or magnolia – Bruns also offers a large selection of standard trees in containers in summer. For maximum design freedom even outside the classic planting seasons.

Solitary perennials and grasses

They bring colour and dynamism to your gardens, are delicate, colourful or elegant. Our specimen perennials accompany woody plants and roses or form their own plantings. Choose strong perennials from our more than 2000 varieties.

Grasses – “the hair of the earth”, according to the Potsdam plant expert and philosopher Karl Foerster – have become just as important, at the latest thanks to the NEW DUTCH WAVE from Holland, especially for near-natural plantings.

Gristeder Neuheiten®

With the breeding of the premium brand Gristeder Neuheiten®, Wilhelm Bruns laid the foundation stone for the production of beautiful, hardy and easy-care rhododendrons more than 50 years ago. As a result of their many years of experience, today you get a selection of the most beautiful, hardy varieties with new flower colours, healthy and decorative foliage and compact growth forms. Here you can browse through a selection of the most important Gristeder Novelties®. In our rhododendron park in Gristede and in BRUNSonline you will find over a hundred varieties.

Lime-tolerant INKARHO® and Bloombux®

The secret of INKARHO® rhododendrons lies beneath the soil: their root characteristics allow them to thrive magnificently even in clay or loamy soils with high pH values. INKARHO® rhododendrons are branded plants that are difficult to distinguish from other rhododendron varieties purely from the outside. The garden lover is helped by the conspicuous label, which only plants that come from official INKARHO® suppliers may bear – we are one of them. A comprehensive selection of varieties as well as further information about the lime-tolerant beauties is available at

The special Rhododendron micranthum Bloombux® is a versatile product of INKARHO®. Like all INKARHO® products, Bloombux® is lime-tolerant and suitable for any loose garden soil. In addition, it offers very good pruning tolerance as well as robustness and flowers a striking pale pink in June. These characteristics make Bloombux® a real substitute for boxwood. For more information about Bloombux®, please visit