Rhododendron Park Gristede

Park Landscape Ammerland

Rhododendron Park Gristede

An attraction in all seasons

Budding hopes under trees

More than 1000 species and varieties of rhododendrons and outdoor azaleas unfold their beauty under the protection of tall pines in the Rhododendron Park in Gristede. Garden lovers can find magnificent blossoms, luscious growth and a wonderful world of fragrances

Rhododendron breeding with a long tradition

The brothers Erich and Wilhelm Bruns started the collection systematically in the 1950s in order to be able to better study the characteristics, preferences and requirements of the individual varieties and from this to develop the Gristeder Neuheiten®, which have been named after many prominent personalities. Traditionally, the Federal Presidents and their wives have named a rhododendron novelty after them since 1985. But other prominent personalities have also been won over. In 2019, for example, Otto Waalkes christened a novelty with the name “Ottodendron”. All our new varieties can be admired in the Gristeder Rhododendron Park.

A variety of flowers on 25 hectares

From the very first day, the 25 ha park was freely accessible to the public. It quickly became an attraction of the Ammerland region and a place of pilgrimage for rhododendron lovers from all over the world. The main flowering period is from the end of April to the beginning of June. With its interesting and varied design, complemented by many botanical rarities and solitary shrubs, the Gristeder Rhododendron Park is worth seeing all year round.

Design at its best

The entrance area was completely redesigned in the autumn of 2007. Large ponds with elaborate shrubs and grasses were created. Particularly impressive are the new open landscapes sectioned off with tree lines and hedges and spectacularly designed with solitary trees and shrubs.

The park pavilion

The central axis of the newly created park section leads to the park pavilion, which was completed in spring 2009. With its transparency, the successful glass architecture blends in perfectly with the surrounding nature of the park. The pavilion is used by Bruns Nursery for events such as symposia and conferences.

Habitat for native species

The park has been designed as close to nature as possible and provides a valuable habitat for rare, native animals. Frogs, toads and dragonflies can find a safe haven and are undisturbed in and around the ponds. A common raven pair has been brooding in the high pine trees for years. Woodpeckers and many songbirds use the park as their breeding ground.

Treasure trove for shrubs

In addition to a wide assortment of rhododendron species and varieties, you will find many interesting solitary shrubs such as Chinese redwoods, Japanese maple, cornus, witch hazel, and magnolia species. The rhododendrons and most of the trees and shrubs are marked with nameplates. The park also serves as a show garden with over 200 own varieties and as an arboretum.

Opening hours

The park is open all year round and can be visited free of charge.

The rhododendron park is privately owned by Bruns Nursery and is maintained by our staff.

We look forward to your visit!

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Frequently asked questions

The Rhododendron Park is open all year round and free of charge.
For a visit to the rhododendron park or the start of an extensive bicycle tour, we recommend the nearby parking spaces for parking your car:

For navigation devices:
Köntjeweg, 26215 Wiefelstede
(this car park is on the opposite side of the road; approach from Gristeder Straße)
Dingsfelder Weg 18, 26215 Wiefelstede
(this car park is on the opposite side of the road; you can reach the Rhododendron Park on foot from here in about 8-10 minutes)
Wheelchair users can use all paths in dry weather.
Toilets are available, including one accessible toilet. Open from 7.30h to 21.00h.
There is seating throughout the park.
We ask you not to ride bicycles in the park so that pedestrians can also enjoy an undisturbed view. There are sufficient bicycle parking spaces available.
Dogs are allowed on a leash in the park. Please take their droppings with you.
There is no catering in the park.
Picnics are allowed. We ask you to take the rubbish back with you.
There is currently no plant sale in the park.
The pavilion is used exclusively for events such as symposia and conferences of the Bruns nursery.