Open field plants

Open field plants

"We make your ideas grow"

With our avenue and specimen trees as deciduous, coniferous or topiary trees, we help you to realise your ideas.

A variety of plants for a variety of projects

Currently into its fourth generation, Bruns continue to be deeply committed to cultivating trees and shrubs. Streets, property greening, sports grounds, parks, private gardens, garden shows and exhibitions are examples of projects realised with our plants.

Information about individual plants

You can find comprehensive information on the types and qualities of plants in our plant information. Should you have any queries or would like to obtain a quotation please call your personal representative or send us a message.

Avenue and solitary trees

The focus of our cultivation is on picturesque large trees for parks as well as evenly grown avenue trees for public projects, along roadsides and as structuring elements in private gardens.


In addition to the wide range of naturally grown deciduous and coniferous shrubs, Bruns Pflanzen offers a rich selection of elaborately shaped woody plants that can be structure builders, contrasting style elements or striking focal points. The wide range of these precious specimen includes large bonsais, woody plants grown as cones, spheres, boxes or in umbrella shapes. Other trees impress with trellis or roof-shaped crowns, but we can also fulfil special requests such as figures and company logos. All plants are shaped with passion, a high degree of professionalism and tact by our skilled workers. There are no limits to your imagination – we make it happen.

Exclusive solitary plants

Our mature, noble solitary plants are true head-turners. The range includes flowering shrubs, impressive conifers, dense evergreens and distinctive rare specimens that transform your garden into a precious piece of nature’s art.


Whether Abies nordmanniana or Tsuga canadensis – conifers are found almost everywhere in the world. With us you will find particularly beautiful specimens in a great wealth of shapes and colours. Discover the countless shades of green in the variety of our conifers, but also blue and yellow coniferous specimens. Equally interesting are the various shapes, whether small, flat-growing or columnar specimens. Our speciality are large trees with bizarre crowns up to the majestic Sequoiadendron. We can bring even your most ambitious design ideas to life.

Our evergreen rhododendrons

Rhododendrons and azaleas are among the most popular decorative plants in our gardens and parks. Gristeder Neuheiten® are particularly hardy and robust plants which have been personally selected. We deliver the prized INKARHO® rhododendron in a number of varieties. Particularly perfectly grown plants are listed in our product range as show specimens. These specimen plants meet even the most the highest requirements as a solitary element. Choose from more than 850 azaleas and rhododendron varieties.